About Us

The Team

We are a team of professional logistics experts; we have an extensive experience in the management of online commercial activities that are tailored to meet the needs of consumers all over the world. Gadgetcracker.com has been created and developed by our team as an online marketplace where all kinds of gadgets are sold. Take advantage of an online gadget marketplace that has been designed to give you the very best online shopping experience.

Our Story

It is very easy to “fall in love” with gadgets. These electronic devices make our lives comfortable, easier and more productive. Gadgets now play a big role in how we carry out our activities daily. We are passionate about gadgets. Our team at gadgetcracker.com was formed out of a need to make it easier for the increasing social community out there demanding for reliable and high-quality gadgets. As much as we love gadgets, we sadly realized that buying what you need is not very easy.

Issues such as wrong descriptions, faulty products, and poor customer service led us to create a standard website which we called gadgetcracker.com; it will serve as a gadget hub where people from all over the world can buy gadgets that have been assessed and vetted before being put up for sale on our website. Our goals include:

  • Making it easier for you to select and purchase your gadgets
  • Providing an online marketplace for gadgets that will feature new releases and versions before other websites.
  • Creating a community of gadget fans who can interact and exchange awesome ideas.
  • Providing a reliable source for gadget reviews for our members and visitors
  • Creating a quick and reliable commercial service to facilitate purchase and delivery of your goods worldwide.
  • We aim to attain the shortest delivery time for all products bought from our website- ggadggetcracker.com.

We aim to bring gadget fans together in a community characterized by so many benefits for our members.

Offering our customers a variety of high-quality gadgets is our goal.

Do you need an upgrade from your current gadgets? We have compiled a collection of an amazing array of gadgets from the best and most reliable sources. We know how much your gadgets mean to you and all measures have been put in place to ensure that our customers will always have access to a variety of gadgets from the top brands.

Buy gadgets and accessories in a quick, safe and seamless process.

Now you can shop from the comfort of your home; location is not a barrier; we will ship to your location anywhere in the world. Check out our collection of drones, smart watches, Bluetooth speakers and many other impressive gadgets from top brands.

We have developed and launched gadgetcracker.com without compromising any part of the registration process required for the establishment of a world-class online marketplace that will cater to the needs of gadget lovers from all over the world.

Experience our advanced shopping cart system, enjoy shopping on our website.

It is important that every customer has a wonderful time on our website. We have designed a spectacular shopping cart system to make it easier for you to shop, “add to cart” and make payments when you have found all the gadgets you need.

What kind of gadget are you searching for?

Our menu system makes it very easy for you to perform quick searches to find the products you need. We have ensured that all the common electronic brands known for creating the best gadgets are represented on our website. Every gadget displayed on our website have been captured with the use of professional digital photographers who have an extensive experience in capturing the actual features of products in a way that the users of our platform get an accurate visual representation of the gadgets physical features. Every product on our website has been accurately described to give you a clear idea of what it is and how you can benefit from using the product.

Become a member of our growing community

We are growing a unique marketplace where all kinds of gadgets are sold to users from all over the world, and we also want to promote a thriving online community where our members can interact and exchange technology-based information.

Our members enjoy special benefits.

Have you signed up to become a member of gadgetcracker.com community? As a member of our growing community, you will have access to firsthand information and exclusive news about new release dates and features of your favorite gadgets. All our members enjoy FREE SHIPPING to their locations.  Members of our community will always stand a chance of getting first class admission to events organized by our electronic brand partners.